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#CasablancaBride Stephanie Dellino

Casablanca Bride - Stephanie Dellino

Tell us about how you decided on your Casablanca Dress

"I choose the most BEAUTIFUL sparkly Strapless Casablanca wedding gown - I saw it in the window when I was driving past the store and literally slammed on my breaks and turned into the parking lot and pressed my face against the window saying "That is it!" And sure enough it was. I was scared that after we got it, I would try it on and be like "eh, I wish I got a different one" but that NEVER happened. Every time I put it on I felt more beautiful and knew Greg would love it too."

Casablanca Bride - Stephanie Dellino Casablanca Bride - Stephanie Dellino

The Love Story

"The two of us met each other on a NET retreat through St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish which was held at Camp Lutherwood near Bellingham, Washington. It was through a simple act of kindness that began a friendship between the two of us: During an amazing skit on the retreat, a piece of gum happened to fall on the ground. I leaned over to Greg and said " I really want that piece of gum!" he responded with; " Yeah same here!" After the skit was over and everyone broke into small groups. I went and started stacking some chairs, and felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around I saw Greg with the piece of gum in his hand and he ripped the piece of gum in half and said "Here we can share!" And so it was through a simple piece of Extra Polar Ice gum (the ones with the blue specks) that brought us together. We exchanged numbers on the retreat and kept in contact with one another. It was a month and a half later when I asked her parents if I could take her out on a date."

Casablanca Bride - Stephanie Dellino Casablanca Bride - Stephanie Dellino

"On May 28th 2010, I took her out on our very first date which included going to the movies and seeing Robin Hood, going to Jack in the Box for food and going to Martha lake where I had planned for us to have a picnic complete with s'mores (I brought a stove fire). After our dinner and dessert, we went for a walk on the docks, and it was there I nervously asked her to be my girlfriend, and she said yes!"

"Much time has come and gone since our first date, but it was a date that will be remembered for the rest of our lives. We never had to tell each other we were the ones for each other because in our hearts we knew. We are what other people like to call a very "adventurous couple." We just loved to do everything with one another. We've done things from horseback riding to jet skiing to hiking to even parasailing. Any chance we have to travel we have jumped on it whether it was to a different state or a different country across the world. We have been and still remain to this point best friends. Yes sure we have had our ups and downs, but what couple hasn't. We have always learned from the mistakes and have helped the other person become a better version of themselves. I could not be more thankful being blessed with the most amazing husband and best friend this world has to offer. I love him more than I did yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. "

Most Memorable Moment of the Wedding Day "Most memorable wedding moment, was when we had the most INCREDIBLE sunset we had ever seen and all of our guests was saying that it was Steve Dellino (Greg's Dad) smiling down on us from Heaven. Having our guests say that to us and seeing my husband's face just made our whole wedding day that much more perfect. We truly felt him shining down on us our whole wedding day."

Casablanca Bride - Stephanie Dellino

Advice to Other Brides "My advice to future brides - When the doors open and you see your groom at the end of the aisle, take a long pause and just take everything in before you walk down the aisle. Because that moment goes by so fast and then it's gone, but it's a moment that will stay in your heart forever."

The Details The Dress: Casablanca Bridal Photographer: Theresa Moran Wedding Theme: Traditional Catholic, in the City during Summer

Casablanca Bride - Stepahnie Dellino