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Celebrating 20 Years of Casablanca Bridal

This year, we are so excited to announce that Casablanca Bridal has officially been in business for twenty years! if you are a regular here on our blog, or if you follow us on social media, you've no doubt noticed that we are always sharing the stories behind the couples who get married in our gowns. Today, we wanted to take just a moment to share a bit of our own story.

casablanca bridal 20th anniversary

Casablanca Bridal started in 1997, when husband and wife team Mr. Kevin Lu and Ms. Gloria Lu each had an individual vision that became a shared dream. It seemed that his determination to become a renowned businessman and her dream to work with wedding dresses were the perfect blend to spark the beginning of an idea. Hand in hand, the couple partnered to make their deepest dreams a tangible reality. Casablanca Bridal was born.

casablanca bridal style 2037

After selling just one dress in the very first year, we have built a legacy as one of the fastest growing, and most well-known bridal gown manufacturers in the industry. We are so pleased to have celebrated several notable milestones along the way including international expansion, aards for design and excellence and other highlights.

casablanca bridal style 2169

Casablanca Bridal owns and operates a private factory, allowing us to maintain a strict adherence to quality while keeping costs low for retailers and our Casablanca Brides. Casablanca Bridal is also notoriously known for never discontinuing a style or collection allowing brides to even use elements from earlier collections to create their own one-of-a-kind Casablanca Customized gowns.

Brides are always welcome to get inspired by a certain style to in our continued collections to make the look of your dreams. Whether you are more partial to vintage romance, or rustic boho, we can tailor our dresses to your desires.

casablanca bridal style 2205

Throughout our 20th anniversary year (2017) we will be offering exciting giveaways, unique new bridal tips and trends, and other initiatives in celebration. You can follow and participate in our social conversations by looking up #CasaTurns20 on any social media platform.

casablanca bridal style 2229

To announce the fun festivities, the brand took to Paradise Cove in Malibu, California to create a magazine spread of twenty models, each wearing a best-selling Casablanca Bridal wedding gown from the past twenty years. These top-selling wedding dresses will be on display in a museum format preceding the company's Spring 2018 collection press show, taking place at New York Bridal Fashion Week this October.

In the meantime, you can see the spread of all twenty gowns together by picking up a copy of BRIDES Magazine at a newsstand near you this month!