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Wedding Cake Shopping Tips

Casablanca Bridal - Wedding Cake Tips

He's popped the question, you've told your family and friends, now it's time to get cracking on that 'to-do' list. Shopping for the perfect wedding cake doesn't have to be stressful. It should be a fun and memorable experience. Nervous to go cake tasting? Keep these few key tips in mind and you will be perfectly fine.

  • Taste the cake. This is number one. You must love the way it tastes. Is it dry, is it moist? Are there nuts in this? Find which flavors you like best and then narrow it down. If you find that you like more than one flavor, there's always options to have them avaialbel at your wedding either with multiple cakes, cupcakes, or alternating layers on one cake. This should be one of the tasks that you recruit your fiance to help you . He just might enjoy it.
  • Narrow down style. Once the dress is chosen, the venue is set and the color scheme is decided, you'll have a blueprint of sorts to help you decide the style of the cake. Should it be minimalistic, should be glamorous? The feeling it gives off really should mimic that of the venue and dress, it helps tie everything together.
  • Figure out sizing. Depending on where you go, one tier of cake will feed 50 people. So you need to pull your guest list together and decide how many tiers of cake you will need, how many cupcakes you'll need, etc.
  • With each guest you add to the list the price increases tremondously. Once you have the guest list figured out, price everything out. Not just for the cake, but for gifts and meals as well. Take into account everything you will be spending money on and log it.
  • Budget. Weddings can become very expensive. It doesn't hurt to try to cut costs as often as you can, and be more efficient in your spending. Go online to sites like The Knot, or WeddingWire who has sections on their sight dedicated to budget weddings.
  • Have fun. Remember, getting married is fun. It's a once in a lifetime moment, and you'll want to make the best of it.

With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to finding yourself the perfect wedding cake/dessert.

What do you look for when shopping for wedding cakes? Does the taste matter more, or is it the appearance and size of the cake that concerns you? We want to know!