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Casablanca Bridal 2018 Villa Del Sol Collection


Travel with us along the sun-drenched patios and paths that wind their way through Villa del Sol, the Spring 2018 Collection from Casablanca Bridal.

casablanca-bridal-wedding-dress-cape casablanca-bridal-wedding-dress-cape

Inviting golden hues and amber tones are a cozy and comforting environment that leave a lingering glow, like the warm embrace from your one true love.

casablanca-bridal-sexy-ballgown-wedding-dress casablanca-bridal-sheer-ballgown-lace

Paired with sturdy architectural elements that offer a firm foundation, the collection is as strong and confident as it is dazzling and alluring ΓÇô all qualities we would hope for every happy, healthy marriage to embody.

casablanca-bridal-plus-size-wedding-dress casablanca-bridal-plus-size-wedding-dress

One of the key trends within Villa del Sol is intricate beadwork, the reflections of which catch the rays of sunlight in a bright and beautiful dance. The delicacy of the beadwork is juxtaposed by bold laces, another key component of this collection.

casablanca-bridal-a-line-soft-tulle-chiffon-dress casablanca-bridal-a-line-soft-tulle-chiffon-dress

Many gowns feature sheer bodices allowing these lace patterns to effectively contrast against a brideΓÇÖs skin. Sun-kissed shoulders are showcased by off-shoulder sleeves on several of the gowns.

casablanca-bridal-sexy-off-shoulder-lace-wedding-dress casablanca-bridal-sexy-off-shoulder-lace-wedding-dress

With a brand new fit pattern that hugs each and every curve of a womanΓÇÖs body, the gowns are simultaneously sultry and sophisticated for the ultimate romantic, feminine wedding day look.

casablanca-bridal-sexy-bohemian-lace-wedding-dress casablanca-bridal-sexy-bohemian-lace-wedding-dress

From the luxurious bohemian to the fairytale princess, each and every variation of bride will find her dream dress within this latest release.

casablanca-bridal-a-line-horsehair-ballgown-wedding-dress casablanca-bridal-a-line-horsehair-ballgown-wedding-dress

Be sure to come check out the rest of this exquisite collection on our website! You can also save your favorite styles from our official Villa del Sol Collection Pinterest board!

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